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Computer Science (English Language)

School of Computer Science and Architecture

Program Objective

Aims of the Bachelor Program in Computer Science are: To provide graduates with solid theoretical and practical knowledge in fundamental and modern subfields of computer science, such as mathematical foundations of computer science, algorithms and data structures, computer systems and networks and their security, databases, software engineering, computer architecture, methods of artificial intelligence and machine learning, etc.; To enable graduates to respond to the challenges related to modern technology, prepare internationally competitive specialists who will be able to work in the private or public sector; To enable graduates to pursue studies at the next level of academic education in computer science, computer engineering, information sciences, artificial intelligence, and information technology.



The undergraduate program in Computer Science will prepare internationally competitive specialists. The knowledge and skills acquired by the graduates will enable them to respond to modern technology related challenges. Graduates will be able to be employed both the private and public sectors, where they perform professional functions both independently and in teams. In particular, they will be able to work as a software developers, software engineers, data analysts, information technology specialists, network administrators, etc. Graduates can also continue their studies at the next level of academic education in the direction of computer science, computer engineering, information science, artificial intelligence and information technologies.


Prerequisite for admission to the program

According to the Georgian law, passing Unified National Exams is required to be admitted to the educational program. Passing Unified National Exams in English language and as a third subject – mathematics or Physics is required. Moreover, for the English exam passing 50% + 1 is the passing threshold.  Student of a bachelor program can become anyone with secondary education.


Tuition fee

Citizens of Georgia:  4990 GEL


Qualification Awarded: Bachelor of Computer Science
Language of InstructionEnglish
Program structure: The program full volume is 240 credits, which includes: Academic writing -5 ECTS; Obligatory Computer Science Courses- 142 ECTS; Elective Computer Science Courses – 50 ECTS; Free (including extra specialty) Courses – 43 ECTS.


Contact Information

Program Coordinator: Dr. Nikoloz Abzianidze 
 Phone: + 995 322 800 064

Room: 310