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Make-a-thon has started


Make-a-thon aims to bring together talented and educated specialists so that they can solve the problems related to world agriculture. This will be: irrigation, hail protection, plowing, sowing, harvesting, energy supply, chemical injection and other similar problems. 

Participants will have access to technical support, so that they can use modern technologies for protecting cultivation by random destruction.

On the first day of the event EPL Innovation and Technology Agency representativeGiorgi Kintsurashvili met the  participants. He spoke about perspectives such projects can bring to young people and gave successful examples .  Members of the group of experts from Ministry of Agriculture also gave advice to the participants.

Make-a-thon will finish on October  18th. During that time, the teams will work jointly on projects and product / prototype to be presented to a jury.

Make-a-thon is held in Black Sea University by the support of EPL Innovation and Technology Agency.