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Message from the Rector


Dear Students;

International Black Sea University (IBSU) is a special place where students and professors from more than 27 countries of the world enjoy a unique educational environment.  

Students have the great chance of experiencing various cultures of the globe, and develop a sense of respect, tolerance, and friendship which will contribute international collaboration, peace and dialogue.

The student / staff ratio in most classes is 1/20-40, which makes the learning process more student-centered. There are no barriers that may hinder students from pursuing their academic questions. Professors are accessible, available, and friendly: they are more willing to help with academic advancement.

IBSU is very popular with exchange programs. We are actively collaborating with universities in USA, Europe and Asia.

IBSU stuents are able to master different foreign languages regardless of their major. Social activities are also very popular at IBSU. There are many student clubs like Business, Young Economists, Dialogue, Theatre, and Music where students themselves organize colorful activities throughout the year.

We strive to make your educational experience a unique one here at IBSU with regular curriculum updates, and introduction of new scholarships and tuition fee discounts.

We will be delighted to see you in the IBSU family as well,

Best Regards,


Prof.Dr. Ilyas Ciloglu