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International Black Sea University organized 12th International Research Conference on Education, Language and Literature


International Black Sea University organized 12th International Research Conference on Education, Language and Literature, which brought together researchers, practitioners and policy makers from different parts of the world to discuss issues, tackle real challenges, develop professionally, share opinions, find solutions and explore opportunities in the areas of education. We have observed and experienced a tight link between theory and practice and explored different perspectives on the application of research findings into practice. First day of the conference four keynote speakers from the USA presented at the conference: LOTTIE BAKER- Regional English Language Officer, with the topic ‘Beyond the Four Skills: Language Education as Peace Education ‘;  MEGHAN MORAN  -Northern Arizona University, with the topic Going from “Group Work—Yuck.” to “Group Work—Yay!”: Helping Students Make the Most of Collaboration,  DR. RAWLINS WILLIAMS- East Tennessee State University, with the topic   The Impact of Empathy in the Classroom:  Enhancing Skills While Strengthening the Educational Environment;  BILL RICH,  Founder of Red House Learning, with the topic ‘Trust the Science: Designing Brain-Compatible Learning Experiences’. Second day the conference hosted four workshops delivered by American experts in Education: Kevin Hirschi, Ph.D. Candidate at Northern Arizona University – “Well, I disagree!” Understanding and teaching the social dimensions of English intonation; Steven Gomez, English Language Instructor at Al Faisal University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and former Integrated Teaching Specialist for PH International in Georgia – Classroom Management: Student Correction Techniques; Anna Ciriani-Dean, a former English Language Fellow to Armenia and Ukraine & Shélynn Riel – a former English Language Fellow in Argentina – Social Media in the Language Classroom. Kyla McMillan, a current Virtual English Language Fellow at IBSU – Increasing Student Motivation and Engagement Through Synchronous and Asynchronous Activities;

The papers are published in the conference proceedings books (ISSN: 2298-0180). Detailed information can be found on the conference official website: https://ircelt.ibsu.edu.ge/