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Employment Rates

School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

Judging from the annual data the International Black Sea University (IBSU) occupies the first place according to employment rate. Since the American Studies Direction of the IBSU has high requirement for the English language knowledge and that is greatly promoted through instructing all B.A. Program courses in English, advanced students are easily employed even before graduation. E.g. the junior student Lela Kupradze became the staff member   of the Consultation Analytical Company PRIME TIME

The successful junior student Ekaterine Kupunia was appointed to a high post in the IREX OFFICE

Multidisciplinary American Studies Program provides students with the opportunity to get employed in various institutions:


  • Embassies
  • Offices of Public Relations
  • Cultural Departments
  • State Administrative Position
  • English Language Teacher
  • NGOs

Other Employment:

Ana Metreveli was employed in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in NATO Department Successful student of American studies Aleksandre Khunjua was employed in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Department of Politics

  • Teona Shalamberidze – USAID – Health Department
  • Nino Iakobishvili – Educational Center “Kvali”
  • Khatia Chelidze – SECG – Student Employment Center
  • Tamar Kechagmadze – SECG – Student Employment Center
  • Tinatin Demurishvili – TBC Bank

Besides, every year the Public Affairs office of the U.S. Embassy in Georgia admits the prevailing number of IBSU American Studies Direction Students for internship at the U.S. Embassy. Internship period is often prolonged for some students, due to their successful activity.


List of American Studies students who were admitted for internship at the U.S. Embassy:

Sesili Verdzadze – Due to the active participation in Agricultural Project, she was invited by visiting specialists in the USA with full funding.

  • Lela Kuprazde.
  • Nino Modebadze ( Her internship period was extended two times and was employed in “The Black Plague” center)
  • Nino Iakobishvili.
  • Bichiko Gabrielashvili.
  • Nino Farizova (Her internship period was extended two times).
  • Tea Kankia.
  • Taisia Muzafarova.
  • Lika Chokheli.
  • Qetevan Kobelashvili.