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English Philology

School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

Program Description

English has long established itself as a lingua franca at international business, political and cultural arena, hence its importance has never been wasted in recent years. Quite the contrary, knowledge of English has become a matter of survival in today’s world. Accordingly, the role of English language philologists has been granted vital importance in the process of cultural, political and economic homogenization between the nations of the civilized world.
The English language is particularly important for Georgia as the country is seeking closer partnership with states whose major communication language is English; hence the knowledge of English could be decisive in many respects, be it cultural, social, economic or political spheres. At an individual level mastering English could mean better educational opportunities, higher chances of employment nationally, as well as internationally. In a broader, national sense, knowledge of English by wider population could mean improved conditions for integration with the civilized world.
The field of English philology is quite broad and embraces the study of the English language and Anglo-American literature, culture, philosophy of language, and language teaching aspects. Thus, the profile of an English philologist definitely presupposes fostering linguistic and cultural awareness. This is in line with the mission of International Black Sea University which aims at enhancing cross-cultural understanding and support communication between the nations.
Undoubtedly, MA English Philology Programme will help to create international environment at International Black Sea University, and thinking more globally, will contribute to nurturing responsible citizens with correct perceptions of the modern world.

Program Advantages

The Programme of MA English Philology has been developed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nikoloz Parjanadze and accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science in 2013. The programme is well-structured meeting the demands of the modern time. The language of instruction is English, which gives a unique chance to prospective students not only increase their general English fluency, but also master professional English embracing the field of English philology – English language and Anglo-American literature and linguistics.
Instructors of the study courses have been carefully chosen, and the academic personnel to a large extent determine high-quality teaching and learning in the programme. The programme aims at providing students with field-specific competence. The courses are designed to bring up a highly-qualified English philologist with deep knowledge of English linguistics and Anglo-American literary works. We aim to equip course participants with skills necessary for further independent research and practical employment of the acquired knowledge. Throughout the courses we put special emphasis on English linguistics (its various branches), Anglo-American literary studies, research skills and advanced level of academic English to ensure that our successful graduates can use their knowledge and skills efficiently.

Student Exchange

According to Agreements with IBSU partner universities students have an opportunity to participate in various international exchange programs.

Career Opportunities

Our graduates should be able to work as English language teacher at schools (at any level), deliver classes in English language and literature at universities, conduct independent studies in the branches of English philology, work as translator-interpreters.
Employability skills: English Language (C1), knowledge of English language and Anglo-American literature teaching methodology, knowledge of Anglo-American literature, translation-interpretation skills.

Admission to the Program 

A Person is Admitted to the Programme if

  1. He/she holds a BA or its equivalent diploma
  2. Passes test of  Unified National Exams for Masters(for Georgian citizens);
  3. Passes the university internal exams in specialty and English language
  4. Those candidates who have international English language certificate equivalent to B2 level (TOEFL IBT, IELTS and FCE) are not required to take the exam in English language,if according to the program admission requirements English language is considered as a foreign language.
  5. Those candidates who have graduated from educational program (instruction language – English) during last three years and their GPA is at least 75 (out of 100) or 3(out of 4), are free from passing English language examination.

Admission of International Students:
Language of Instruction: English
Programme Duration: 2 years (120 ECTS)
Awarded Qualification: Master of English Philology
Tuition Fee for Georgian Citizens: 4500 GEL
Tuition Fee for International Students: 9900 GEL


  1. -20% A master’s student, who will register at IBSU between 26 August – 7 September 2021.
  2. -15% Siblings;

Contact Information

  1. Graduate School
  2. E-Mail:  graduateschool@ibsu.edu.ge
  3. Tel: (+995 32) 2595005/06/07 (151)
  4. Program Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nikoloz Parjanadze