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School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

History of Faculty of Education and Humanities


The Faculty of Education & Humanities was founded at IBSU in 2002, after establishing first time in Georgia an only English BA program in American Studies. After a short period English Philology BA program was designed, as well as a wide scope of MA & PhD programs in the sphere of American Studies, education, Turkish and English Philology. In 2015 the only English program in Georgia – Caucasus Studies was added to the list.

The Faculty of Education and Humanities offers two programmes at bachelor level – English Philology and American Studies. The duration of each programme is four years. Domestic or international students have an opportunity to get education which meets the requirements of recognized western standards. Highly qualified local professors and educators who are annually recruited through the support of the American Embassy in Georgia ensure high quality of teaching and learning. The programmes have been developed in accordance with the experience of leading European and US universities. The language of instruction is English which is an excellent opportunity to master English. In addition to the courses defined through the specialty, students will study a second foreign language and information technologies. The faculty also offers exchange programmes with leading European and USA universities. The qualification and skills acquired through the programmes allow graduates to be employed both in public as well as private sector – as an English teacher, translator-interpreter, expert of the United States, Public Relations (PR) expert; work at different positions in embassies, culture units, public relations agencies, non-governmental organizations and various state departments or units.

The Faculty of Education and Humanities also offers postgraduate courses at master level – English Philology, Education Management, English Language Teaching, American Studies, U.S. Foreign Affairs, Caucasus Studies, Turkish Philology. The duration of each programme is two years, and the content as well as the structure of each course meets modern education requirements. The programmes aim at equipping the graduates with skills necessary for future independent research and practical realisation of the acquired knowledge. The field of employment is quite broad and embraces both academic (English teacher and teacher of Anglo-American literature, expert of the United States, Public Relations (PR) expert, translator, various academic positions at educational institutions and organisations) as well as non-academic (administrative positions at state and non-governmental organizations, Ministry of Education, various educational institutions and organizations, embassies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture) spectra.

The Faculty of Education and Humanities provides postgraduate taught programmes at doctoral level – Education Sciences, English Language Teaching, American Studies. The duration of each programme is three years. The programmes on Education offered by the faculty put emphasis on general pedagogical, academic, psychological aspects as well as specific issues in education management or English language teaching (the emphasis is determined by the choice of education concentration within the programme). The graduates can seek employment in the following fields – university lecturer (education/language teaching), scholar-researcher, administrative personnel in the field of education.

American Studies multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary doctoral program engages students in thorough examination of fundamental concepts, aspects of American life to better understand the development of the superpower – the United States and is designed for students who intend to process theoretical material and conduct serious research in professional sphere. Therefore the graduates can be employed: in Embassies, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense, departments of Culture, Public Relations, government of non-government organizations and higher educational institutions.