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International Relations (English Language)

School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

About Program

Bachelor Program in International Relations aims at providing a modern multidisciplinary knowledge of international relations with essential input from political science, economic and legal disciplines relevant to the field. The Program helps foster critical thinking and leads to a natural connection between theory and practice in compliance with increasing demands towards contemporary standards of education, ensuring graduates’ employability within the country as well as abroad.

The Program’s core courses cover essential issues of the history of political thought and the questions it raises on the design of the political and social order, traditional and modern political ideologies which serves as the basis for studying the political science. The core part of the Program provides students with the extensive knowledge of theoretical foundations of International Relations (IR), research methods and field research specificities, current processes and their historical context, as well as subdisciplines and key issues in IR. Furthermore, special focus is made at understanding the economic aspects of modern international relations as well as resilient issues that shape contemporary international politics. Rigorous attention is paid at learning basic elements of research design. With the view to equip the students with the ability to frame the knowledge they receive, research methodology in social sciences is the course to provide these tools. Finally, special place is assigned to covering core issues of Georgia’s foreign policy as well as Politics of the European Integration.



– Georgian citizens are admitted to the program by passing Unified National Exams (detailed information is available at  www.naec.ge).
– International applicants are admitted to the program by the rules set by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia (detailed information is available at https://iro.ibsu.edu.ge/admissions/ ).
– Enrolment via mobility is available twice a year. Internal mobility is conducted within a time period set by National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement (detailed information is available at eqe.ge). External mobility is conducted by the rules set by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia (detailed information is available at: www.mes.gov.ge).


Career Opportunities

Educational Bachelor program in International Relations aims at ensuring high level of graduates’ competitiveness, satisfying increasing demands of the employment market. With this objective,
program content was designed with the contribution of the academic and administrative staff as well as the potential employees’ recommendations and evaluations. Upon receiving Bachelor’s degree, the graduate will possess necessary basic qualifications for being employed in international organizations, relevant public (e.g. profile ministries as Ministry of Foreign Affairs or other structures’ departments dealing with international relations, issues of European integration; embassies) and private sector (NGOs, think tanks, research centers) structures involved in various spheres of the international relations.


Tuition fees

Citizens of Georgia: 5190 GEL

International students: 4500$


Awarded Qualification: Bachelor of Social Sciences in International Relations.
Language of Instruction: English
Ects  and Duration: 240 Ects(4 years)



Head of the Program: Dr. Baia Ivaneishvili
sseduhum@ibsu.edu.ge, bivaneishvili@ibsu.edu.ge
Phone: + 995 322 800 064
Address: 2, David Agmashenebeli Alley, 13th km. Tbilisi, 0131, Georgia
Room: # A 304