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An outgoing lecture on ”Sport and National Identities”

School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

On May 14 an outgoing lecture was held for the International Black Sea University on ”Sport and
National Identities” attended by the students of International Relations. Dinamo Arena hosted the
lecture series symbolically dedicated to the victory of UEFA Cup of Winners’ Cup by Dinamo Tbilisi on
May 13, 1981 and it’s national significance for the Soviet Georgian Society.
Lectures were delivered by Invited Lecturer of International Black Sea University, Mr. David Bragvadze
on the topic on ”Sport and Nationalism” and Sport Journalist and commentator Mr. Sandro Tsnobiladze
on the topic ”May 13, 1981 and Georgian National Identity”. In the framework of the lectures speakers
reviewed football, as one of the most attractive and massive social phenomena, and other sports as the
national identities for the various countries.
The event took place as the extra-curricular activity in the framework f\of the course ”Nationalism in
International Relations (N. Samkharadze). AT the end of the meeting students and invited guests
received the full info proceedings on Dinamo Tbilisi authored by Garun Akopov.