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Faculty of Social Sciences announces applications for exchange programs

School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

Faculty of Social Sciences announces applications for exchange programs in the following Universities:

1) Kozminski University- Deadline 12 of April, Number of Students 1 ERASMUS+

2) Amsterdam University- Deadline 22 of March, Number of Students 1 ERASMUS+

  • 3) Stockholm School of Economics in Riga  – Deadline March 1, Number of Students 1
  • Requirements:
  • GPA more than 75
    1. Language proficiency: TOEFL iBT, IELTS or
      equivalent score report.
      2. Field relevancy
    2. Cycle: upper cycles normally have higher priority
      4. Year of study: senior’s normally have higher priority
      5. CGPA: higher the better
      6. Exchange experience: priority will be on those who have not been on exchange at the given cycle
      7. Recommendation(s): from lecturer(s) and academic advisor: on a special form
      8. Involvement: in various social, educational, and/or scientific projects: documented by certificates / references

    -English proficiency, based on universities
    -2 letter of recommendation from teachers
    -1 personal statement

    If interested please contact the Faculty and submit all required documentation (Gia Todua, A 513)