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TESOL Club lectures by English Language Fellow Kevin Hirschi

School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

TESOL Club lectures

On February 28, English Language Fellow and IBSU Lecturer, Kevin Hirschi, help an opening session of TESOL club for students of the Faculty of Education and Humanities. The goal of the club is to provide interactive, engaging workshops to both supplement the high quality of teacher training done in core class for pre-service teachers and to spark the interest and give examples of effective teaching for non-teaching-track students. Topics this semester include teaching critical thinking, alternative lesson plan formats, teaching TOEFL exam preparation, teaching pronunciation, and how to write a CV and teaching philosophy statement for teaching jobs. In this first session, students engaged with critical thinking activities after acting out a well-known fairy tale, Cinderella. TESOL club will meet weekly at 4pm on Wednesdays and is open to students of the Faculty of Education and Humanities.