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Strategies Service

The purpose of the office is to ensure the organization of institutional strategic planning and related processes. Office Provides information retrieval based on institutional research, for which it maintains an electronic platform for information related to university management; Provides standardization of basic and auxiliary processes and for the continuous development of the University runs an electronic quality management platform (tqm.ibsu.edu.ge), which includes all the main activities of the University;

For this purpose, office:

  • Together with the Electronic Information Systems Service, it ensures the implementation of relevant activities for the development of the University Information Systems;
  • Defines and develops the University’s mission and vision, as well as values, with the involvement of its stakeholders;
  • Provides processes necessary for strategic planning;
  • Ensures the drafting of the University Action Plan in accordance with the requirements of the legislation, including the involvement of stakeholders;
  • Provides support for the development of an action plan for structural units;
  • Participates in the university budget planning process;
  • Provides information on relevant international certifications (such as ISO and EFQM) and offers suggestions regarding improvement of the university management systems to the relevant persons;
  • Ensures the implementation of internal audit, if necessary and submits the relevant report to the governing body of the University;
  • Ensures the implementation of all additional measures that are directly or indirectly related to the performance of its functions defined by this Regulation.
  • Provides coordination for the implementation of the University Business Continuity Plan, conducting relevant activities for planning the testing and annual updating.
  • Supervises the implementation of strategic and action plans by the structural units of the University. At the end of each semester, the reports submitted by the structural units are transfered to the top management for further consideration;
  • Participates in the University Management Meetings to discuss strategic and action plans (meetings are held periodically, where strategic and action plans are reviewed and updated based on institutional data, according to the Planning-Implementation-Inspection-Development (PDCA) cycle).