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Book presentation: ”The Science of Education” by Natela Doghonadze


On October 4, 2017 the presentation of the book “The Science of Education” (in Georgian) by Prof., Dr. Natela Doghonadze took place. Besides the IBSU academic staff, the event was attended by guests from Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University, Sokhumi State University and Georgian Technical University.

 The book deals with various aspects of educational sciences, including the traditional pedagogy, education psychology, education philosophy, sociology of education and education managementas well as legislation dealing with education. It is an MA and 60-credit teacher training program course book. It involves, besides the book, a CD with the text of the book, power point presentations, and an audio version of the book. There are tasks at the end of each topic (unit)and in the presentations. The book deals with contemporary views on various educational issues as well as educational practice all over the world, including Georgia.

The attendants got as presents the books with the author’s signatures. The Universities with which IBSU cooperates will get a copy each for the library.