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Training Course for Academic Staff of IBSU


Training courses for academic staff of IBSU were held at the International Black Sea University.

 Three topics: "Self-Development","Organizing Pair and Group Work"  and"Interactive Lecture"were selected by the majority of lecturers. The training is conducted in English, and its duration is 1.5 – 2 hours. Training courses have been designed to support the academic staff of the university in raising their qualification and contributing to their professional development. Registration is going on in advance, any volunteer can attend all three training courses. After the completion the participants will be awarded a certificate of attendance.

On June 5, Vice-Rector for Education Prof. Dr. Natela Doghonadze conducted the first training on: "Self-Development",which was attended by 24 members of university academic and administrative staff, the meeting was very productive. The training was conducted in such an interactive manner, where the professors were actively involved in the training process itself.

The next training course on "Organizing Pair and Group Work"will be held by the Prof. Dr. Ekaterine Pipia of Faculty of Education and Humanities, on Tuesday, June 16 at 3:00 pm (Administrative Building, 2nd floor, room # 214), as for "Interactive Lecture"– on Friday, June 19 will be held by Assoc. Prof. Nikoloz Parjanadze of Education and Humanities (Administrative Building, 2nd floor room # 214).

Interested persons, please register in advance.

Contact person: Marika Kvrivishvili, Assistant of Vice-Rectors' for Education, Science and Research, Administrative Building, 2nd floor, room # 217, e-mail: mkvrivishvili@ibsu.edu.ge.