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Open Contest for Academic Positions

International Black Sea University, LLC Announces an Open Contest for the Following Academic Position:


Media Arts/Digital Media (Language of Instruction – Georgian, English)


  • Professor – 1 vacancy for 5 years


Art Marketing (Language of Instruction – English)

  • Associate Professor – 1 vacancy for 5 years


Graphic Design (Language of Instruction – English)

  • Associate Professor – 1 vacancy for 5 years


Qualification requirements:


  1. Doctor’s or an equivalent degree in the relevant field;
  2. At least 6 (six) years of scientific-teaching experience;
  3. At least three years of teaching experience working as an associate professor/professor at any higher educational institution authorized by the State.
  4. English language proficiency (at least B2 level);
  5. Complying with the requirements defined by the Report on Academic Work (R36I1F1).
  6. Collecting at least 200 points is required (100 points must be collected from academic publications/books);


Furthermore, in order occupy the academic position of Professor, a candidate should also fulfill the at least two criteria defined by the first component or fulfill the second component:


1st Component:

  • At least one published article in the Science Citation Index journal (on-paper or electronic);
  • Published book (taking into consideration the scientific value of the book that is published by an international publisher or university, the volume shall be minimum 100 pages and the book must not be based on the dissertation);
  • Coordinating the international scientific-research/educational project;
  • Holding educational/scientific experience at foreign higher educational institution (that is authorized or its equivalent);
  • Supervising defended Doctoral Thesis;
  • Having citation index (h-index) of at least 3 coefficients;
  • Holding an international award/patent.


2nd Component:

  • Exceptional professional achievements in the relevant direction.


Associate Professor:

  1. Doctor’s or an equivalent degree in the same field;
  2. At least 3 (three) years of scientific-pedagogical experience;
  3. Meeting the requirements set forth in the scientific -pedagogical activity report. Collecting at least 100 points (50 points must be collected from academic publications/books);
  4. Corresponding Language proficiency (at least B2 level);


There is a possibility to obtain academic positions by qualified personnel, based on professional merit. In this case, the qualification of the candidate may be confirmed by the professional experience, special training and/or publications. The candidate may be considered as correspondingly qualified, if she/he has a qualification necessary for developing learning outcomes and meets the following criteria:

  1. a) To hold the academic position of a professor, one must possess a doctor’s degree or an

academic degree equivalent to it;

  1. b) Holds at least Master’s or equivalent degree in the same field/ a PhD or Adjacent direction or equivalent degree in a different field for obtaining the academic position of an Associate Professor.


In order to obtain an academic position based on professional merit, qualification necessary for developing the learning outcomes are defined in accordance with the following criteria:


  1. c) A candidate must have significant working experience in the relevant field at least 10 (ten) years for the Professor, at least 7 (seven) years for the Associate Professor.
  2. d) At least 2 publications in the relevant field and/or the field-specific training during the last 5 (five) years and;
  3. e) At least 1-year experience in scientific-teaching work activities in higher educational institutions;
  4. f) English Language proficiency (B2 level).


Please note that:

  • The criteria set out in paragraphs (c) and (d) are alternative. Satisfaction of one of them by the candidate is sufficient, and satisfaction of the criterion specified in paragraph e) and f) are mandatory in conjunction with the criterion specified in paragraph c) or d).
  • If the candidate has held an academic position without a scientific paper, in accordance with this rule, within 2 (two) years after the conclusion of the employment contract, the academic staff is obliged to publish at least 1 (one) publication related to the field.


Applicants must submit the following documents (in hard copies and electronic form) to the University:

  1. Job Application (please see the attached document);
  2. Information form – R19F18 (please see the attached document);
  3. Copy of ID card. For foreign citizens – notary-approved translation / copy of residential card (if any);
  4. Notary approved copy of Georgian Diploma and/or notary approved translation of foreign Diploma/relevant certificate. If the diploma is not issued yet, a temporary graduation certificate is necessary. If the diploma is issued by a foreign HEI, it must be recognized under the Georgian legislation by the corresponding body and a copy of the recognition letter is required;
  5. Document(s) certifying scientific-teaching work experience;
  6. CV in Georgian and English with at least two references;
  7. Report on Academic Work (R36I1F1) (please see the attached document) (Do not apply to academic staff appointed based on professional merits);
  8. List of field relevant scientific articles and publications and their copies (during the last 5 years);
  9. Syllabus in Georgian and English (if the course is delivered in English) or in Georgian (if the course is delivered in Georgian). The candidate may submit a syllabus prepared not in IBSU format for the contest.
  10. Book of Job Records or certificate from current/previous job (other than IBSU);
  11. Documentation / Certificate of Participation in Trainings and Conferences (if available);
  12. Copy of international certificate of proficiency in foreign language / Curriculum Matching / Copy of higher education certificate in the foreign language (if required). In the case of a document issued in a foreign language – a notarized translation and copy or a document certifying the lecturing in the relevant language;
  13. Documents confirming a professional merit (if an applicant wishes to occupy a vacant academic position on a professional basis);
  14. Other documents confirming for the vacancy requirements (if available).


Short listed candidates should additionally submit:

  • Police Clearance Certificate for crime against sexual freedom and inviolability and certificate for the right to be employed at educational institution;
  • 2 photos (3×4) – printed version as well as electronic (on CD or email);
  • Account from “Bank of Georgia”, JSC;
  • Hard copies/originals of all electronically submitted documents.


The commission is authorized to request the candidate to conduct a sample lecture. The sample lecture is delivered in the language of instruction of the program.

Interested persons are encouraged to submit the required documents (hard copy and electronic version) during March 6 – March 10 (from 14:00 to 16:00) to the Human Resources Management Office of the International Black Sea University. Please specify the position title in the subject line of your email.


E-mail: hr@ibsu.edu.ge

Contact number: +99532 2595005 (131/132)

Address: Tbilisi, D. Aghmashenebeli Alley 13th km, # 2.