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International Black Sea University (IBSU) belongs to the students. You are our nation’s bright future!

We place the greatest importance on students’ will and the fulfillment of their fundamental right to education; hence, the IBSU, which has steadfastly stood on the guard of education for 28 years, will continue the successful history of offering excellent education.

The IBSU has seen success and popularity thus far, but we seek to enhance the level of recognition both within the nation and outside. New engineering, medical, psychology, social, and humanitarian programs will be added to IBSU’s existing educational offerings.

International Black Sea University will provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to make a positive contribution to the well-being of society. It is always enjoyable and exciting for me to interact with new generations, share viewpoints and ideas, and discuss future goals. My doors are always open for them. It is our goal to set the stage for the success of IBSU students in the future.

By establishing a solid brand, IBSU has earned respectable status in the educational arena. We will continue to fortify this brand with new vigor. We shall create a better and brighter future for future generations with renewed vitality as IBSU is a place where education wins!

Kudos to IBSU!

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