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ATTENTION!!!!   Faculty of Social Sciences is launching the registration process for the 8th view of the Students Ranking System! New stage has adopted the good news: since the current wave 2 scholarship owners will be awarded instead of one. Top two places-owners will

Attention! We would like to remind you that the registration for the Spring Semester of 2018-2019 academic Year will be launched on January 28th until February 1st. You SIS base will be opened on January 28th. For registration you have to ✅ Choose minimum one

External Mobility has been announced. Terms and stages of mobility Terms and stages of mobility Terms related to the administration of 2018-2019 spring semester mobility process The first stage: 1 Term for submitting a written application (with attached electronic form) on vacant positions for the students to

In case of missing final exams, please follow the set dates and submit applications to the faculty timely. All the applications should carry an attachment proving the valid reason of missing the exam. Otherwise, the application will not be approved. Good