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American Studies

School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

Program Description

American Studies, the only English program in Georgia, is a multidisciplinary academic doctoral program designed to explore the U.S. from different angles through concentration on courses: XX Century American Literature, XX Century American Political History, and American Ethnicity. In Georgia, this is the only American Studies program where courses are conducted in English and a dissertation is written and defended in English.

The civil rights movement of the ’60s in the U.S., the Vietnam War, Women’s Rights movement caused cultural tension among Americans and caused changes in the American Studies field, which violated the disciplinary borders and gave way to multidisciplinary and simultaneously interdisciplinary programs. Therefore, the American Studies program at IBSU is multidisciplinary and simultaneously interdisciplinary.

Program Advantages

The doctoral program’s curriculum should engage students in a deeper and more thorough examination of fundamental concepts, discussed at B.A. & M.A. levels, describing different aspects of American life, and better understand the development of superpower. The program is designed for students who intend to process theoretical material concerning the past and present of American Culture and conduct serious research in the professional sphere. The multidisciplinary courses will serve as opportunity for dissertation topic selection.

The uniqueness of the program implies multidisciplinary – giving chance to doctorates choose the dissertation topic from the American Studies diverse fields: American History, Culture, Media, Geography, Politics, Education, Ethnicity, Multicultural Studies, Po Culture, Women’s Studies, etc. Therefore, the doctoral dissertations written in English are singled out with diversity of topics and high standards, due to the obligatory requirement of the program to appoint either the American co-supervisor, or the opponent for the doctorate.

The program has already educated twelve doctors in American Studies, who are delivering courses in BA, MA, PhD programs in the capacity of professors. The program has been highly evaluated by the outstanding American professors – founders of the American Studies programs: Bernard Mergen, Robert Gross, Bruce Arnold, Joachim Faust.

Admission to the Program 

A Person is Admitted to the Program if

  1. Program admission precondition: In accordance with the rules established by the legislation of Georgia, the program candidate must have a master’s degree or an equivalent academic degree. Candidate must have English language level C1, which is certified by one of the international certificates or a master’s degree in English. Candidate can pass a relevant level exam at IBSU. According to the university rules, PhD candidates must submit a research proposal that meets the requirements of the program outlined by the program supervisor and the commission of least 3 members of the dissertation field board and to conduct an interview / oral presentation before the same commission.
  2. If the certificate / exam does not confirm the C1 level English but the candidate’s English proficiency can be assessed as higher than B2 level and the candidate demonstrates a high level of English proficiency when discussing a research plan that meets the requirements confirmed by at least 3 field board members, as an exception, the candidate may be permitted to pass an oral interview in English language and in case of a positive evaluation be admitted to the program.

Admission of International Students: www.iro.ibsu.edu.ge

Tuition Fee

For Georgian Citizens: 3540 GEL
For International Students: 4500 USD

If you are an IBSU PhD student, you will study a PhD program for free if you have one of the following certifications:

  • GMAT minimum score 550 – for PhD in Business Administration;
  • IELTS minimum Score 7.5, CAE, CPE – for Doctoral Programs in American Studies and Educational Sciences;
  • GRE minimum score 155 – for the PhD program in Computer Science.


Special term

In case of having any of the above certificates, you should apply to the University Educational Process Management Service with the necessary documentation. If you do not submit the corresponding application by the end of the registration week, you will automatically lose the right to get a discount in the relevant semester.



Awarded Qualification: Doctor of American Studies
Language of Instruction: English
Program Duration: 3 years 60 ECTS

Contact Information

E-Mail:  graduateschool@ibsu.edu.ge
Tel: (+995 32) 2 800 064 (140)
Program Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Tamar Shioshvili

Room: A302