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Ph.D. in Turkish Philology

School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences

Ph.D. in Turkish Philology


Turkish Philology, which is a wide branch of a Philology discipline in general, aims at studying the major Turkish civilizations of the past by examining their main theoritic and pratic literary works, language praductıons, examining major texts based on internal and external criteria, dating literary works, literary analysis, analysing literary texts from the critical perspective and comparing different texts, developing and adopting new literary methods to the domain of Turkish Literature.

Turkish Philology Doctorate Programe is the first higher educational programe  under this title opened in Georgia based on the above mentioned academic goals. While creating the mentioned educational programe we took into a consideration the general requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia as well as the general features of the similar educational programes functioning worldwide. The instruction language of the mentioned educational programe is Turkish and many highly qualified experts of Turkish Philology are employed within our eucational programe which also have academic works published in different international journals.

The aim of the programe is to examine the languages, dialects, literature and folklore of Turkish States that have emmerged after the collapse of Soviyet Union as well as studying their manuscripts, examining historical sources based on modern philological methods and approaches, developing new methods of Turkish Language Teaching. In order to achieve the above mentioned goal, we aim at providing our students with the latest methods in Turkish Philology and transfering highly qualified knowledge that will enable them to master the field and conduct independent scientific research in Turkic Studies. Our programe includes independent work, seminars, presentations, discussions, developing students academic and practical skills.

Students, who successfully finish our educational programe will obtain the following competences: field related methodological basis, research and methodology skills in the field of Turkish Philology, comparing different branches of Turkish Literature, skill of teaching original Turkish as a foreign language, studying literary theories and applying them on different literary texts; conducting independent scientific research in the field of Turkic Studies, acquiring practical skills regarding learning/teaching methods, class management, students’ psychology et cetera.

 Turkish Philology Program provides relevant, flexible and practical educational opportunities, preparing individuals to engage, work, and succeed in the global world.