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School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences


Applicants willing to participate in the conference are invited to submit their abstracts in Georgian or in English complying with the following requirements:

  • The abstracts should include maximum 4 key words, problem statement/description, methodology and theoretical discussion about the issue;
  • The volume of the abstract should be minimum 550 words and not exceed 600 words;
  • To be submitted in MS Word format (Times New Roman, Sylfaen, font size 12, space – 1.5, margins to be 1 on all sides);

Please, download the template to send the abstracts.



Final Papers

After the conference the participants will be asked to submit their final papers as an article. The papers failing to meet the following requirements will be automatically rejected.



As selected, participants of the conference are expected to defend their works and share their findings with the committee. In case of participant’s wish s/he delivers a PowerPoint presentation.

  • 15 minutes in total will be devoted to each participant;
  • Max. 10 min presentation (no extra time will be provided);
  • The presentation will be followed by 5 min Q&A session.
  • In case of necessity candidates will be asked to prepare and submit a presentation prior to the conference.