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Alumni’s Space


Alumni Coordinatorship Responsibilities


The purpose of IBSU Alumni is to strengthen the ties with IBSU alumni, to support their future plans, to contribute the friendship and solidarity among themselves.

 Our Responsibilities:

1-      To provide face-to-face contact with our alumni

2-      To keep our alumni informed regarding our university via social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Skype, Twitter, Mail)

3-      To keep informed our alumni regarding various activities taking place within our university

4-      To contribute tocarrier life of our alumni

5-      To determine the needs at workplaces and to ensure our alumni in terms of employment 

6-      To find out whether internship opportunities are available at  workplace of graduates

7-      To provide alumni with training courses at our university

8-      To provide alumni with seminars

9-      To support/contribute our graduates’ future plans

10-  To support our alumni and their close people with all kind of advantages

11-  To keep the contact details of alumni

12-  To collect the information regarding the alumni

13-  To follow up the special days of our alumni (Official and Religious Holidays, to celebrate Birthdays, to stand next to them in tribulation and joy, to support them when they are in need)

14-  To give the gifts to alumni in special occasion days

15-  To visit our alumni at their workplaces

16-  To organize several trips for our alumni

17-  To organize dinner for our alumni

a)      To search for restaurant and price together with faculty alumni representatives

b)      To organize the list of alumni to be invited for dinner together with faculty alumni representatives

c)      To invite the IBSU professors to attend the dinner

d)     To have a IBSU banner at the dinner

e)      To arrange the photographer

f)       To organize various social activities with our alumni (Trips, Football, Bowling, Carting etc.)

g)      To request assistance in case of any need of our alumni (sponsorship, scholarships and other)

18-  To organize the local and abroad trips

19-  To prepare reports monthly, quarterly and annually concerning all fulfilled activities, like birthday celebration, visits, dinners, social and sport activities, trips and others.

20-  To arrange the weekly meetings with faculty alumni representatives in order to plan the future activities and programs

21-  Alumni Office consist of two persons, one of them is already graduated representative and the second one – the sophomore student

22-  To make assessments by taking into consideration our alumni’s emotions, thoughts and ideas about IBSU