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Euro integration As the Priority of Georgian Foreign Policy


On November 10, 2016 The First Deputy State Minister in on European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Mr. Archil Karaulashvili delievered the public lecture on ''Euro integration As the Priority of Georgian Foreign Policy''. In the framework of lecture Mr. Karaulashvili talked about obstacles and challenges on the way of democratic state-building processes in Georgia.

The guest introduced comparative analysis through the example of other region countries and attempted to explain how efficient our country is in implementing various requirements for achieving success on the way of western integration process. Mr. Archil’s speech was followed by Q&A session. Questions were about Georgia’s prospect place in international arena after USA elections, Economic dimensions of Euro integration and role of State Minister’s Office in working on society’s awareness. 

Public Lecture was attended by Rector of International Black Sea University, Prof. Dr. Ilyas Ciloglu. He presented symbolic gift to honorable guest.

Mr. Archil Karaulashvili conducted lecture in the framework of public lecture series under the title “Challenges to Decision-Making Process in Domestic and Foreign Policy of Georgia”. Lectures by Georgia’s leading decision-makers, experts and researchers representing state institutions, HIEs, NGOs, think-tanks and research centers will be focusing on various aspects and diverse strategies of domestic and foreign policy decision-making. In the framework of the project, speakers will also discuss recent developments in Georgia’s civil society realm, citizens’ inclusion, empowerment and, finally, self-perception of the Georgian people in the state building process since the demise of the USSR.  At the end of the lecture series, the most active participants will be awarded certificates.