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Intercultural Dialogue


IBSU is a cozy home for International students to present their culture and tradition at any platform. The purpose of this exciting annual intercultural festival is to bring awareness of different cultures and to celebrate the diversity at IBSU. Intercultural Festival is an IBSU tradition annual festival that reflects the myriad of cultures represented in IBSU community. By expanding the diversity and multiculturalism among students, students find rooms to celebrate their traditional and cultural aspects through cuisine, folk dance, dance, music and more, with such multiculturalism artwork and showcase, students allow visitors to Experience the rhythms, language, music, and dance of various cultures through multiple performances and/or interactive activities! IBSU Intercultural festival makes possible and sure that the event circles and reaches beyond the multiculturalism term that recognizes everyone’s culture promoting mutual understanding,  dialogue, respect and love among students, not  just promoting dialogue about our differences,  but across the differences.

Visitors explore the variety of different cooked or made by international students that bring the tastes from their far country to represent a global society.


Interact with the Ibsu community members to establish last longing friendship through the aromas of cultural diversity and open a conversation and Witness the fashion, cultures, food and music.