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Istanbul the International Conference


In the framework of the joint Operational Programme “BLACK SEA BASIN 2007-2013”   funded by the European Union,International Black Sea University(IBSU) works as a partner in the project“University collaboration network at the Black Sea – UNIVER-SEA.NET” (http://www.univer-sea.net). 

On October 9-11, 2014 in Istanbul the International Conference "University collaboration in Black Sea area: common educational values" was held. More than 60 universities from Romania, Moldova, Turkey and Georgia participated in the conference.

At the conference IBSU was presented by the project manager, Professor of IBSU, Doctor Tatiana Papiashviliand an educational expert of the project, Head of Quality Assurance office of IBSU, Doctor Diana Mtchedlishvili. Besides, Georgian delegation included representatives of twelve universities which joined the project as new partners. They are:

  • American University for Humanities. Tbilisi Campus – Teaching University
  • Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University
  • Caucasus International University (CIU)
  • Caucasus Institute for Democratic integration
  • East European Teaching University (EEU)
  • Georgian National University (CEU)
  •  Gogebashvili Telavi State University
  • Gori State Teaching University
  • Guram Tavartkiladze Teaching University
  • Shota Meskhia State Teaching University of Zugdidi
  • Sokhumi State University
  • Tvildiani Medical University 


On the opening ceremony representatives of partner universities made speeches, revising and assessing the fulfilled activities within the project, emphasizing the importance of the project results and further planned activities. From Georgian side an impressive speech was made by Prof. Dr. Tatiana Papiashvili.

The conference aimed to build a network within which the universities could exchange good practices, publications and courses. Moreover, partner universities would create a platform for dialogue between people of different nationalities, culture and religion to promote common educational values.

Within the conference activities the book,„White paper of good practices within the common educational programs"published under the project,was presented. The bookcovers issues such as the Higher Education system, quality assurance, framework of qualifications of Romania, Moldova, Turkey and Georgia and examples of good practices from each participating university. It reflects the main objective of the „University collaboration network at the Black Sea – UNIVER-SEA.NET" project – to promote the exchange of educational values and experiences, to identify the common components of our educational systems and strengthen our regional identities by creating a common virtual community. The co-author of the book isDoctor Diana Mtchedlishvili. The valuable contribution tothe book was made by Professor, Doctor Tatiana Papiashvili.

Collaboration Protocols were signed by the universities. Further steps of collaboration were identified, under which the course modules “Regional Educational Development: Black Sea Area” wereplanned.   The modules include one month lectures (three-week on-line and one week classes) and exchange program for students of partner universities. After completion the students will be awarded certificates andfive best students will be offered an internship for a month in two Turkish universities – Karabuk (in Karabuk) and Aydin (in Istanbul). The course consists of four modules:

•       Module 1: Multiculturalism & Identity (KarabukUniversity, Turkey)

•       Module 2: Intercultural Communication (Moldova University)

•       Module 3: Conflict resolution (Andrei Saguna University, Romania & International Black Sea university, Georgia)

•       Module 4: Social Entrepreneurship (Istanbul Aydin University)