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Welcome to the International  Black  Sea University   Library!

The Inernational Black  Sea University Library offers its students kind of upgraded manuals and textbooks concerning IBSU program. Students are able to be continuously provided with proper literature and have perfect opportunity to work and develop toward various directions. In our library one can find the books in philosophy, economics, business, politics, biology, chemistry, history, literature and various fields of science. IBSU  library offers range of services to own students and whole society in order to let them get sufficient information easily.


Mission, Goals, and Plans

Our mission is to serve the readers, offer all the information needed, and become the first stop point for the research of IBSU community. 


  • Provide necessary books and other printed materials to the readers timely. 
  • Maintain accessibility of information sources
  • Serve our students, staff members, lecturers, and other interested people, and offer professional service.


  • Provide readers with valuable and comfortable service.
  • Host students in a warm environment for continuing education 
  • Offer service for the library members: advice, and consultations for those wishing to take materials out of the library.
  • Provide full service through high qualification and competence employers.

The  IBSU Library sees its role as an enhancer of education quality, readers’ education level, scientific research and culture improvement.  

To achieve the goals, IBSU Library plans to: 

  • Provide safe preservation and access of books and other print, audio, video materials.  
  • Provide computerized environment for each member of the university.
  • Provide valuable information to widen user’s interest field.                                                                   

Library is intended to serve to students, professors and employees:

On Monday and Tuesday from 9: 00 to 17: 00 hours.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:00- 20:00

Saturday from 10:00 – 16:00



IBSU library offers the students and society different internet sources, such as Oxford Journals an Cambridge Journals publications, EBSCO, JSTOR, etc; apart from this one can use electronic books as well.