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Seminars and Trainings of the Faculty of Computer Technologies an


Since 2012 the Faculty of Computer Technologies and Engineering has regularly organized and delivered seminars. A seminar on“Math and Physics” was delivered in October, 2012 by David Chikovani and Medhat Mousa. A seminar on“Selected Topics of Math” was held in November, 2012.

A seminar on "Introduction to LaTeX" – in November, 2013 a presentation introducing basics of LaTeX – a typesetting system used for technical writing was held by Quality Assurance Manager of the faculty Assoc. Prof.Dr. Victoria Baramidze.

The seminar on"Functional Programming Principles in Scala” was conducted by Prof. Dr. N. Momtselidze in October 10, 2013.

A seminar on theOceanographic Data Management System and the Role of Georgia, held in November 29, 2013 – Seminar was about 'Pan-European, oceanographic metadata and data management system and the role of Georgia'. The presentation was delivered by MSc. Tornike Razmadze, invited lecturer at the Faculty of Computer Technologies and Engineering. The speaker explained the main aspects of oceanographic data management system from international and Georgian perspectives.

A seminar on"Splines" was held in December 12, 2013 by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Victoria Baramidze aboutSpline Theory as a branch of mathematics that belongs to Approximation Theory direction. Splines are piece-wise functions used to approximate more complicated functions, and/or to produce continuous curves and surfaces by interpolation or approximation of discrete data. Basic concepts and applications were discussed.

A seminar onMonitoring and Evaluation Frameworks for Project Design was held in March, 2014. Issues like monitoring and evaluation frameworks – essential part of successful project design, how to create the frameworks, what are indicators and how to create good indicators were discussed. Seminar was delivered by Ms. Salome Tsereteli.

A seminar onEvaluation of Investment Projects and Decision Making – June 24-25, 2014 by the Visiting Professor Birol Elevli. Seminar was organized for managers, engineers, scientists, accountants and others concerned with evaluating investments, economic analysis of income producing and service producing investments using discounted cash flow analysis criteria and procedures. The seminar covered economic analysis techniques used to optimize the development and operation of production and processing operations.

A seminar onTime Series Analysis on Stock Market for Text Mining Correlation of Economy News was held in October, 2013. Content of the seminar was treating stock market values as time series, financial analysis methods like Bollinger Band, RSI, also sample test mining technique, TF-IDF and classification techniques like k-nn or Gaussian Processes. Seminar was delivered by Dr. Sadi Evren Seker.

A seminar on“Social Entrepreneurship Day in Tbilisi” was held at IBSU in November 15, 2013. The seminar was organized under the Swedish Institute Alumni event support scheme in partnership with International Black Sea University, the Faculty of Computer Technologies and Engineering. Mr. Ove R. Eriksson, the teacher and Project Leader for SocentGlobal project, delivered a speech entitled “Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation in practice in Zugdidi, Georgia”. Mr. Viktor Baramia, Program Manager at Eurasia Partnership Foundation discussed social entrepreneurship issues from the Georgian perspective. Mr. Baramia also touched on the competition “Students for Social Enterprise“, a sophomore student Tinatin Dekanoidze, the leader of IBSU’s winning team “Wild Brains”, made a brief presentation on her team’s experience throughout the social entrepreneurship student contest. Mr. Giorgi Arsenidze, Secretary General of the Georgian social enterprise “Life Chance”, was the final speaker of the event. Mr. Arsenidze discussed the history, challenges and opportunities of his social enterprise. The presentations were followed by Q&A sessions.