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Silk Road Scientific Research Institute


The Institute was founded in 2002, to help the organization of scientific conferences, in particular, the Silk Road International Symposium (later the Silk Road International Conference). Silk Road International Conference has been traditionally organized by the International Black Sea University since 2003 and it has been bringing together scholars, practitioners and policy makers from around the world to share their knowledge and attitudes. Since its inception, the conference has hosted scholars from 30 countries, including USA, United Kingdom, Russia, Turkey, France, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Iran, Iraq, South Korea, India, Azerbaijan, Armenia, etc.By 2014the conference has been held nine times (almost annually).


Today the goal of the Institute has widened, it is in general to develop research at IBSU, including organizing scientific conferences. For this purpose, the Institute is in charge of the following activities at IBSU:

1)      Organizing and hosting (or co- organizing / co-hosting) scientific research conferences, both national and international, both for students and for academicians

2)      Monitoring and supporting the involvement of academic staff in research and publication of its results (articles, books)

3)      Monitoring and supporting the publication of IBSU scientific journals

4)      Initiating / participating in research projects

5)      Holding scientific seminars

6)      Supporting student research on all (BA, MA and PhD) levels, cooperation of academic staff with students while carrying out research

7)      Developing cooperation in scientific research with universities, research centers and companies, nationally and internationally

8)      Purchasing equipment and software necessary for research