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Student’s Self-Governance election will be held on FRIDAY, 18 DECEMBER 2015



11.3   Every student of the university has right to be elected as a Students’ Self – Governance President, if he/she is capable, does not hold an administrative staff position at university, is not judged, is sophomore/junior student on bachelor’s program, has the recommendation from the Dean of the relevant faculty and his/her GPA is more than 80 score.

11.4   The President of Students’ Self –Governance is elected by the university students on the grounds of public, equal, direct, and secret ballot for a term of one year.

11.5  The right to nominate a candidate of the President of Students’ Self – Governance have no less than 1/5 of the members of the Students’ Self – Governance, as well as an initiative group, if the nomination is confirmed by the signatures of not less than 100 students.



16.4 All students of the university have the right to participate in elections.

16.5 Elections is deemed to be held if more than 1/3 of university students participate in it.

16.7 The students of the faculty elect 1 delegate from each faculty.

16.10 The President is elected by students of the university.

How to apply?

Send the Required documents –rakbas@ibsu.edu.ge. Deadline isDecember 16. Elections will be held on December 18.2015 Time 09:00 till 21:00

For president

  •   CV
  •   Cover letter
  •   100 signatures

For delegates (Faculty representatives)

  •   CV
  •   Cover letter

Note: The election which is held on 10 December is not satisfy IBSU rules and regulation issue 16.5 which is written above. (653 students participated, required 730 students)