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Students about IBSU


Davit Demetrashvili is a freshman  in the International Black Sea University , on Faculty of Social Sciences and studies  International Relations. In 2014-2015 he is a member of the first hundred students who has the best results in National Exams.

During the next four years he will study for free in IBSU and receive 200 gel allowance  every month. Why he choosed IBSU, how he evaluates academic conditions and what kind of advices he has for  the next year freshmen, we will find out from him:

“On  the last year of the school, when i was choosing where I should continue  studing   I heared about International Black Sea University. I was studing in N94 public school and there came IBSU’s   representatives who  introduced us programmes. Then I came there at open door day and I was amazed by the warm atmosphere , third and fourth course students were our   hosters and they  showed us the whole university. I paid attention the fact that there sdudies many foreign students from different countries and it would give me a chance to have relations with  many interesting people .

And what can i say about expectations is that I am absolutely delighted about the quality of education and ambience. Here is every condition to be concentrated on learning. I was lucky, because  the University finances me. So I have an additional motivation. My hard-working experience at school has been appreciated. Now I’m on the first stage for my future profession and I’m sure that I will be successfull.And  i want to admit that here are a lots of entertaining things. We have some very functional Clubs, in which you can join and entertain. But to be honest, I think that the site,which is the way of smart studing and communicate, smart.ibsu.edu.ge, is a little out-of-dated.

To all those school leavers, who wants to pass the university this year, i am responsible to say  that opinion which tells that our generation isn’t  as educated and skillfull  as our previous generations were, is wrong one, today we have more abilities and resources to make a success. That’s why every day we hear a lot about successful students from Georgia, who made their best on the international arena.