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Student Assistants


Faculty of Computer Technologies and Engineering employees distinguished students from mainly the 2nd year of study. The job is part-time and adjusted to the students studying schedule. There are two main and three sub-categories of employment possibilities for the faculty students:

  • Being a teaching assistant   
  1. Tutoring – meaning the student delivering additional private classes for the lower academic performance students of mainly the freshman year of study in a small groups (like 1 or 2 people in the group). Here the priority is given to individual schedules and the approach to go into more details and explanations.  
  2. Recitation – meaning the student is weekly delivering classes for all interested students of a particular class in order to solve the given problems of the subject during this week. Differently from the tutoring this classes serves to simply solving the homeworks or the tasks given to the students throughout the semester;
  • Being an administrative assistant   

In this case part-time student assistants along with the administrative issues are involved in the projects and social activities organized by the faculty. They are often coordinating international and national competitions, Olympiads in the field, professional seasonal schools, trainings etc.

With this opportunity the faculty gives a chance of development and improvement of  professional and as well as soft skills. Basically the contract for part-time student assistants last for one year, that is reasonable period to get acquainted with necessary skills, to get experience of organizational culture and be ready for the  future career development.