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ნანა აბულაძის სიტყვა კურსდამთავრებულთა გამოსაშვებ საზეიმო ცერემონიაზე


ნანა აბულაძის (საერთაშორისო ურთიერთობების პროგრამა, GPA – 98 ქულა) სიტყვა კურსდამთავრებულთა გამოსაშვებ საზეიმო ცერემონიაზე 

"Ladies and gentlemen, dear professors, dear bachelors, dear guests! It is an honor for me to make the speech today.

”Each man’s life represents a road toward himself, an attempt at such a road, the intimation of a path”, Herman Hesse would say. It is a bit strange to begin the graduation speech with the words by Herman Hesse, since Herr Hesse never graduated. Despite that, he was one of the most prominent intellectuals of the 20th century, which means that he was a student for whole his life and never graduated. He chose the path of permanent learning. That was his road toward himself.
And today we celebrate the completion of a tiny, tiny part of the journey toward ourselves. Congratulations!
And now let me reflect on the road to myself a bit:
On the road to myself I’ve met people to whom I’ll be grateful till the end of my life (well, actually, after it as well!);
On the road to myself I’ve made friends, my great supporters;
On the road to myself I’ve met hardships and overcome them with the help of and thanks to the people from already mentioned two categories;
On the road to myself I’ve understood the importance of loving and being devoted to whatever I did;
On the road to myself I’ve learned to perceive and accept the diversity of the world, the diversity of cultures and people.
Four years ago I stood in front of my school teachers and classmates congratulating them. Now I am congratulating you my dear bachelors! Four years ago I thought I had already made a choice what my life would be like in the future. Four years ago the graduation seemed to me as the final destination. But each ending is a beginning of something new and each of us goes through this whirling wheel of life. What shall we do now? Follow the advice of one of my favorite artists: “Do your best and the opportunity will do the rest!” Congratulations with the new beginning, congratulations with the continuation of our journey! Thank you!"