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საიმონ კინგის სიტყვა კურსდამთავრებულთა ცერემონიაზე


IBSU – ში ერთნაირად მისაღები და კომფორტული გარემოა, როგორც ქართველი, ისე უცხოელი სტუდენტებისთვის. ამის შესახებ საიმონ კინგი – საერთაშორისო ურთიერთობების მიმართულების კურსდამთავრებული:

"Four Years ago many of us here today, began a journey to knowledge to skills acquisition to education and to enlightenment.
Four year ago we took the path , we only heard tales about , but have never experienced. Perplexed about the outcome of the this journey, howbeit we still took the path.

Four years ago many of us, made a decision, a decision to mould our future and that of the generations.
Four Years ago we, we obeyed the clarion call, a call to be educated to be a world changer, a voice and not an echo, an object and not a shadow , to have a view a position , and most importantly to make the world a better place.
In the words of the famous poet Robert Forst “ We took the road less traveled by and that has made all the difference”
For many of us it started with a casual interest, Interest grew to passion, passion now grew to a habit and habit has become a lifestyle .
Whether it were in Social Sciences , Humanities , IT & Computer Sciences , Law , Business Etc. The casual interest has evolved develop – forming an integral part of us.Our thought process has been changed, Renewed , sharpened with a Strong, in – depth, Practical and theoretical Knowledge enough to make us stand shoulder – high in our various fields.We cannot stress enough the gratitude we owe to the our highly endowed Lecturers and professors , who left no stones unturned in dispersing their duties – Primarily Imparting us with a winning philosophy in the course of the program, adequate enough for us ti to compete on the world stag, among our peers and with our contemporaries.
Indeed this journey was not as smooth as most of us assumed, but I must, it was worth every minute in the end.
It is delightful to see that rigorous studying, overnight studying, Brain storming which produced Essays, Presentation, Articles, reviews and Thesis had in the end paid off.
Accordingly, today we stand more enlightened,more skillful more useful more educated more aware of who we are ad what our capabilities are.
As graduate students today we make bold to say we are the future , the light at the end of the tunnel , proteges of a Great University
Indeed our hands are itchy to manifest the potentials and share our acquired Knowledge with the world
This speech would be incomplete if I don’t pay reference to all the assistants, Lecturers, Study Process Administrators, Vice Deans , Deans of various Faculties ,Academic Board , Facilitators , Quality assurance Team, Student Affairs , Janitors , Numerous Clubs and Societies and indeed all who had made our stay here both memorable and Amazing.
Special thanks Goes to the good people of Georgia, thank you for accepting us as one of you.
We would not forget Kinkhali , Mtwadi , and Lubiani in a Hurry, but more importantly , I will not forget the hospitality and Friendliness towards foreigners – which is second to none.
Finally I would close with a para-phrase of a popular writer’s Edith pierces’ quote “We would Open a book, which pages are blank, we are going to put words on them ourselves, the book is called opportunity and its first chapter is today”
Haven said that , Long live International Black Sea , long Live Republic of Georgia !
We remain the 2017 batch of Graduates."