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A visit of ProfessorAnders Arnquist from Karstad University (Swed


Professor Anders Arnquist from Karstad University (Sweden), specialist of Teacher Education, Educational Leadership, Education for School Principals, and Research and Development in the field of education visited the Faculty of Education at IBSU. During the meeting on October 23, 2013 he and the academic staff of the faculty discussed the possibilities of cooperation in various European educational and research projects such as TEMPUS, student and lecturer exchange, winter and summer school programs, distance learning seminars and conferences, Swedish scholars’ participation in conferences held by IBSU Faculty of Education, joint researches, Swedish scholars reviewing and MA and Ph.D. students publishing articles in IBSU Journal of Education, cultural exchange, etc. Participants of the meeting got acquainted with each others’ system of teacher education and qualification, asked questions about each others’ faculties.  Hope was expressed that in the nearest future some small and less expensive events can be organized, while we will be working on preparing larger-scale projectsand finding financing for them.