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Academic positions (associate professors for 5 years and assistant-professors – 4 years)


International Black Sea University announces the vacancies for the academic positions (associate professors for 5 years and assistant-professors – 4 years) in the following fields:

Faculty of Social Sciences

1.      International Law: Associate Professor  (1 vacancy)

2.    Private law: Associate Professor (1 vacancy)

3.    Criminal law: Associate Professor (1 vacancy)

4.    History: Associate Professor (1 vacancy)


Faculty of Education and Humanities

1.    English philology: Associate Professor (3 vacancies)

2.    Turkish philology: Associate Professor (1 vacancy)

3.    Philology: Assistant-Professor (1 vacancy)


Faculty of Business Management

1.    Management: Associate Professor (2 vacancies)

2.    Marketing: Associate Professor (1 vacancy)

3.    Accounting: Associate Professor (1 vacancy)

4.    Tourism: Associate Professor (1 vacancy)


Faculty of Computer Technologies and Engineering

1.    Industrial Engineering and Technology: Associate Professor (2 vacancies)

2.    Informatics: Associate Professor (1 vacancy) (essential requirement: documentary proof of knowledge of  programming languages and artificial intelligence)

3.    Mathematics : Associate Professor (1 vacancy)


Qualification requirements:

·         Academic degree of Doctor or equivalent (in relevant direction/field);

·         At least three years of teaching/research experience (for the position of Associate Professor);

·         English Language Proficiency  – B2 level (in case of necessity);

·         Obtaining respective points for the position of Associate Professor/Assistant-Professor according to the internal regulation of International Black Sea University (additional requirements).

Personal Characteristics:

·         Strong sense of responsibility;

·         Communication skills;

·         Presentation skills;

·         Pedagogical skills;

·         Strong analytical, logical, creative thinking skills.


Interested applicants should submit following documents (Hard copies and electronic version):

·         Job application for the relevant academic position;

·         CV in English and Georgian (For English: in Europass CV format:    https://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/en/documents/curriculum-vitae);

·         Notary approved copies of Georgian Diplomasand/or notary approvedcopy/translation of foreign Diploma/relevant certificate. In case the diploma is not issued yet, temporary graduation certificate is necessary. If the diploma is issued by a foreign HEI, the letter of recognition from LELP-National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement is required;

·         Document certifying relevant Teaching and Research experience;

·         Copies of certificates (if existent);

·         List of relevant articles and publications during last 5 years and their copies;

·         2 colored photos (3X4);

·         Copy of ID card/passport;

·         Letter of Reference (academic) from previous/current employer (other than IBSU);

·         Document certifying the participation in relevant scientific conferences during the last 5 years (if existent);

·         The copy of International Certificate of English Language/the copy of a document certifying receiving higher education exclusively in English Language. If the diploma is issued by a foreign HEI, the letter of recognition from LELP-National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement is required (in case of necessity);

·         Syllabus of the study course related to the field inGeorgianandEnglish (if the course is offered in English),in Georgian (if the course is offeredonlyin Georgian);

·         Other documents relevant to the academic position – documents certifying professional experience, documents certifying the compliance of the applicant to the additional standards, forms designed by International Black Sea University.


In accordance with the request of committee, candidate may be asked to provide a sample lecture on any topic from the presented syllabus.


Interested applicants should submit the relevant documents from February 26, 2016 until March 15, 2016 (from 10.00 a.m. to 15.00 p.m.) at Chancellery and Human Resources Management Office of International Black Sea University.


Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any queries:

Tel: 32 2595005; E-mail: hr@ibsu.edu.ge

Address:  D. Aghmashenebeli alley 13 km, #2. Tbilisi, 0131.


Thank you for your interest in working with IBSU. We strive to offer the best service to our students and stakeholders; therefore, we need qualified staff.
Please check with this page from now and then. We will update this page as needs arise.