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Center for Big Data Management Technologies


Research Laboratory

From 2015 year at faculty Computer Technologies and Engineering will be opened Research Laboratory.


What is it?

The 'Step into Research' Program is an exciting new initiative by the Computer and Engineer Faculty.

It provides an opportunity for undergraduate and master students who are considering a future career in research to obtain valuable work experience with IBSU staff in a busy research laboratory during several semesters and will be involved into development process with the IBSU staff.

The aim of the scheme is to match students with placement supervisors, who then go on together    to apply for a bursary to support the placement.

The program will run during two semesters and is aimed at students entering their final year at university in 2016.


What does it involve?

Students will spend 1 or 2 semesters in the IBSU Research Laboratory gaining practical laboratory experience.                             

Students will be involved into development of ordered outer or inner projects. For done work (defended project or published article) students will receive credit of 10 points.


What areas of research are available?

Students choose an area of research from the list submitted by placement supervisors (Research Opportunities).

What is the application process for undergraduate work placements?

Students select an area of research of interest to them (a research theme) and submit an application for a work placement to the IBSU Research Laboratory Center by 31 January 2015.

Students with the best applications will be invited to meet with the relevant member(s) of IBSU lecturer staff to discuss possible projects.

Students selected for work placement will then complete an application for a bursary (10 points or grant) in conjunction with their placement supervisor.


Center Activities

On May 11 and 18, 2015 Center for Big Data Management Technologies at Faculty of Computer Technologies and Engineering has organized a 2 days grand seminar in Data Center Room (Academic Building, 3rd floor, room #302).

Seminar topics were:

–          Destination of Research Centers. Our Plans;

–          Programming Language Python. Advantages and Disadvantages compared to C#, Java, C++;

–          Visual Processing. Open CV. Some problems of Image Recognition;

–          Big Data. Multicomputer Calculations;

–          Crawlers. Realization.

–          Map – Reduce Technology of calculation;

–          Column Oriented database. HBase. Ideology & Examples;

–          HSQL oriented database in Hadoop. Hive. Ideology and Examples;

–          Data Warehouse in Hadoop.



Please, follow the link to see the materials presented at the seminar.

1) Development of Research Center in IBSU

2) Multi computer Calculation HADOOP

3) Big Data Selection HIVE

4) Column oriented Base HBASE

5) Distributed Data Warehouse

6) Digital Image processing

7) Advanyage and Disadvantage of Python