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Center for Mobile Application


The Centre for Mobile Application has been established by the university to build upon taught knowledge of the subject area and foster research into innovative applications, as well as mobile technologies in general. Initially, students will have the opportunity to undertake guided research, where they must choose from a pool of ideas already formulated by the research group. Nevertheless, there is a requirement that guided research involves a significant amount of innovative/novel work. It is envisaged that further research projects will result in publications and contribute to the overall research profile of the university.

To quote from a recent speech by the CEO of EGTB Software Development LLC.

"Georgia needs to accelerate the growth of it's ICT sector so that instead of being merely a sales outpost for mobile technologies from the big multinational companies, it can capitalise on it's low wage costs and well-educated workforce, foster the development of inter-disciplinary technologies to drive efficiencies in it's own economy, and ultimately seek to become a global player in the development and innovation of mobile based technology."


Aims and Activities of the Centre for Mobile Application

Assess the security risks/vulnerabilities with mobile systems/networks/software.

Aid the dissemination of specialist knowledge (i.e. agrarian, health, commodity prices) in the Georgian language.

Research mobile technologies that would support education, particularly primary school education at the critical age.

Research mobile technologies that would support and monitor health.

Research mobile technologies that would provide environmental information.

Research mobile technologies that would provide more cost effective microfinance and monetary transactions.

Research mobile technologies for entertainment and games.

Research and compile data on the Georgian language itself, for the purposes of OCR, speech recognition etc.

Research the use of location data to improve logistics within Georgia.