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Cooperation with Qafqaz University


On May 6-9, 2013 Business Club members of the Faculty of Business Management and faculty staff – Vice Dean Assist. Prof. Maka Bughulashvili, Toursim Program Coordinator Dr. Eka Devize, Business Club Coordinator Ms. Firuze Erguvan and International Relations Officer Ms. Lali Gigauri participated in the joint conference held at Qafqaz University in Baku, Azerbaijan. The event was hosted by the sister organization at the Qafqaz University – Center for Entrepreneurship Development and Research. The event aimed to bring together talented students and lecturers of the two universities to share their knowledge and get familiar with each other’s cultures. The guests from Georgia were hosted by the Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sanic, Vice-Rector for External Affairs Mr. Sannur Aliyev, Director of Center for Entrepreneurship Development and Research Mr. Odilijon Abdurazzakov and Lecturer of the Department of Public Administration Ms. Nargiz Nahmatova. On the first day of the trip the guests attended festival dedicated to the National Holiday. At the festival BM Faculty students prepared a platform representing Georgian traditions. Afterwards, the students of the Qafqaz University presented their Realized and ongoing projects. The presentations were followed by the discussion on leadership initiated by the senior lecturer of Strategic Management Mr. Odilijon Abdurazzakov. On the next day of the program, IBSU Business Club students presented their country and referred to such topics as investment in Georgia, tourism opportunities, Azerbaijanian businesses in Georgia, etc. The lecturers of the Faculty of Business Management of IBSU also led discussions on various topics from business-related disciplines. Apart from the academic part of the program, guests from IBSU had an opportunity to enjoy the views of the historical and modern parts of the city of Baku, taste national cuisine, make new friends and take memorable photos. As a result of the trip, strong ties were established between the two universities and goals were set for future collaboration concerning joint research projects, conferences, students and staff exchange programs. BM Faculty representatives left Azerbaijan with unforgettable memories.