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Cyber security and Anti-terrorism issues


Caucasus Academy of Security Experts (CASE) is the only think-tank and educational institution in the Caucasus region focusing exclusively on intelligence, cyber security and anti-terrorism issues. In the era where espionage and other security challenges,

 significantly of a technological character, are considerably difficult to manage, the risk of new threats’ emergence is very high, consequently security of the information becomes vital for the whole nation, and should it be private or public sectors. Academy is founded by the managing team of INFORMATION SECURITY STUDIES AND ANALYSIS CENTER. Taking into consideration the current threats and challenges society and the region faces today, CASE gathered a team of experienced professionals, former intelligence officers, legal professionals, cyber specialists, military experts and other field specialists from public and private sector, which gives the opportunity for the first time in the Caucasus region to establish the institutional mechanisms for fighting cyber-espionage, cyber-terrorism, piracy, corporate espionage and other significant problems in the field, also raise public awareness.

Due to wide range of the academy’s activities it is vital to establish a powerful partnership base with various private, educational, governmental and international organizations, in order to implement modern and effective security standards, prepare qualified human resources and improve the quality of information in terms of security. Caucasus Academy of Security Experts has years of experience of training military, law enforcement, big corporations and individual students.

CASE aims to highlight the most important topics in the fields of intelligence, anti-terrorism and cyber security as well as in the diplomacy and policymaking, to advance security as a profession and fill existing gaps of security in Caucasus region for more secure environment.