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Faculty of Business Management in Hungary


On February 6-8, representatives from Business Management Faculty visited Budapest, Hungary in the frame of educational and cultural program. 

The visit was organized in the frame of Business Incubator IBSU Idea Lab for project winners. Its aim was to get familiar with Hungarian startup ecosystem, to share their experience and to visit international organizations.

The group was staffed with Maka Bughulashvili (Faculty vice-dean), Tinatin Gholadze (Business Incubator project coordinator), Archil Barbakadze (student, Business Incubator 2016 winner), Urga Kuprashvili (student, Business Incubator 2016 winner). The group met representatives of various international and local (Hungarian) companies. Among them: Mr. Michele Orzan – the president of European Chamber of Commerce (EuCham). Mr. Orzan willingly accepted signing a memorandum with International Black Sea University and -within the framework of collaboration- admitting IBSU students for the international internship in EuCham headquarters in Budapest or in any EuCham member companies Hungary-wide. Mr.Orzan was also interested in International Silk Road Conference and planned to participate in it next year.

Interesting meetings were held with Peter Palasti (Hungarian representative of Swiss Halley AG Fireflies), Sam Rajee (Global Startup Liber8 business development executive), Levay Csaba (Bossconnect Partner, International Global Mentoring Company). The mentioned company representatives held mentoring sessions for the group members and were interested in the future collaboration opportunities with IBSU.

This kind of visits strengthens international relations and encourages students’ mobility process internationally.