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IBSU Student Select New President of Self Governance


International Black Sea University’ student and staff support services organized student governance and faculty delegation election that was held at 28th November between 10 am and 5pm. 

The election was highly competitive among the candidates and turnout was ever the highest among the students, 663 students out of 1.519 casted their vote to their favorite and popular candidates.  That was the record of turnout and 43,64% student participate in voting. Candidates actively campaign, gave speeches and lobbied to draw voters’ attention.  Each faculty sent representative to the election board and students from faculties volunteered to contribute to the process of the election.

The results were announced by the Election commission at the same day. Two successful and active students ran for the presidency, Anano Benidze and Tamar Bitsadze.  Anano Benidze gained 410 (63,46%) votes from students, Tamar 236(36,54%) gained.

Anano Benidze, New President of Self Governance said “We as a new self – government of IBSU, think that studentship is the best period in our life. But being a student doesn’t simply mean to get a diploma only, it’s more about relationships, reminiscences, great experiences.. That’s why our main goal to achieve is to enrich students’ life with diverse activities, not only educational, but entertaining ones as well. We wish every student to be actively participating in university life, contribute to its development and strive for the main goal- to popularize IBSU out of its borders. Students Self Government will be a mediator between the administration and students; we will always take into consideration our fellows opinions, ideas, complaints, and support them. In order to get the desirable results, we identified existing problems, came up with optimal ideas for solving them and then wrote a plan.”

Okan Eray, head of the Student and Staff Support said “this year students were highly motivated and encouraged to pay attention to the indoor and outdoor activities of University, and IBSU is one of the universities in Georgia that organizes student and community centered activities. He continued to underline that ,IBSU enhances student life at the campus and Student Governance election is one of the activities that student have their voice and opinion to be heard by  us, we are glad that our students participate in decision making process with the election”

Majoring in Business Faculty, and head of the Musical Band, Levan was also one of the volunteers during the elections said “IBSU is a great place to be in, I have learnt a lot today, it looks like the real election, and it is democratic and transparent election. We improve ourselves here in many ways”

Faculty delegate’s election results as follows:

Mariam Jvebenava from Social Sciences Faculty

Ekaterina Voronina from Business Management Faculty

Guram Popiashvili from Computer Technologies and Engineering Faculty

Guranda Khabeishvili from Humanities and Education Faculty