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Our Vision & Mission



The Silk Road Scientific Research Institute’s mission is to inform educational environment and promote institutional improvement through an increased understanding of academic research. We also aim to improve academic education and development and also its impact on both university students and academic staff members.

We are planning to accomplish our mission by:

·         working in cooperation with faculties, institutions and other administrative departments of IBSU

·         producing and disseminating original research to improve University academic experience

·         providing the tools and resources to utilize research at the institutional level

·         training researchers to advance institutional assessment and scholarship in University Education

·         developing partnerships with higher education organizations in Georgia to promote institutional excellence

·         disseminating research through professional journal publications, books, workshops, and conference presentations.

·         assisting colleges and universities in using both our research findings and their own institutional data to foster institutional understanding and improvement.


Through academic research and academic conferences and seminars, The Silk Road Scientific Research Institute’s mission is to influence academic studies of IBSU specifically while taking part in relevant activities in Georgia. The institute will also develop the academic awareness of the staff members while contributing a general academic development understanding in general. We are planning to conduct activities not only focusing on local topics but also in a global scale.


·         Commitment to science and international scientific perceptions

·         Commitment to creativity and innovation

·         Commitment to clear, inclusive and reliable communication

·         Collaboration and teamwork;

·         Excellence and integrity in scientific research;

·         Centered on relevant, efficient and respectful research activities