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Chancellor is obliged to:

Provide information concerning security system;

University Security System is divided into two types:

1.    Opportunities provided by the University:

University is located in Tbilisi, David Aghmashenebeli alley, #2 and it comprises 7800  m2close area and 1000 m2 – the open one. Alongside the 3 University walls there passes streets. University has 2 different entrances; one is the central entrance that is equipped with the card system; All Administrative, Academic and other staff as well as the students of the university are given personal cards after signing contract and following all necessary procedures; Special video controlling on the whole territory and garden of the university.Camera recordings are kept within 20-30 days; Security works every day, during 24 hours.

2.    Security company

University buys security service from security company, which is certified by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia; Security team of the university consists of 7 members and they do their duties by working in pairs; besides, one member is monitoring the pair.