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Seed of Hope is an international non-governmental organization committed to the advancement of education with a mission to serve communities around the world through a range of health education and economic development initiatives. With a particular focus on youth, Seed of Hope aspires to cultivate a generation of selfless, compassionate and visionary leaders who will bring lasting change to their communities. 

The work of Seed of Hope is made possible through a committed network of university students and experienced professionals and leaders from North America and Asia. SEH staff and volunteers share a vision to promote the flourishing of life and are inspired to give freely from the abundance of their own lives. 
International Black Sea University is hosting 2nd annual Seed of Hope University Lecture Series on April 13-14-15, 2016. SOH experienced professionals, academicians and scholars will deliver 3-day seminars. The seminars will be held at Conference Hall #101 (admin. Building, 1st floor). All interested staff members and students are invited to attend. The participants will be awarded with certificates. Please, make an online registration in advance through the following link: https://goo.gl/vXbjQZ