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Faculty of Social Sciences


Research Focus

The direction of International Relations carries out research concerning various aspects of international relations.The academic staff participates in various conferences concerning these issues, their papers are published in conference proceedings and journals. The Faculty of Social Sciences organizes the annual student conference in Social Sciences. Students of direction of IR also participate in different research conferences, forums and student camps organized by various international and local organizations.

The direction of Economics has a strong coverage in three areas: Economic Theory, Finance, and Macroeconomics. By focusing on these three core areas, the direction offers a unique, specific educational experience and possibilities for research. Aside from traditional coursework, research and special lectures, the department holds monthly seminars to encourage collaboration and communication within these three disciplines. The seminars attract top scholars in the field of economics to discuss their work and also provide a forum for faculty and students to present their recent research .Along with the traditional conferences such as Silk Road International Conference, members of the direction participated in conferences, such asThe International conference New Challenges of Economic and Business Development, and in yearly report of IMF in Georgia.