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Students about IBSU


"I heard about International Black Sea University at the exhibition of education,they had been  prepared very well, had an interesting display stand and representatives of university were answering our questions very politely. 

After this I get ineterested in educational programmes and inter alia I was fascinated by the system of internal financing ."- says Tekla Lobjanidze,who is one of the successful student of IBSU on the Business facult. She  studies on Business Managment faculty. IBSU compensates  her 4 years fee and also pays scholarship, becouse of getting in first 200 students according to the results of  national exams.

There is the better situation than I expected. I am quite busy, studying and also taking part in some activities, like club events,excurtions and etc. The biggest motivation passing at this university however was financing system.It means much for  today’s youths to secure for their university fees.On this stage exactly that  was my aim.Also, our university gives you opportunity to learn english throughly, on prefessional level with no need of additional course.

With positive I  will also say some negative things,for example,canteen and library are little ,rest room is roped with the library, so we are not allowed to talk. This makes us, students  uncomfortable.I know ,that in the new campus there will not be this kind of problems,so i can not wait hen we will move there.

Generally speaking, as concerns on generation , we are very educated and purposeful, we have an ability to change thing not only locally, around us,but also on the ligh level and the base for this will be education.

I can talk on the example of my group,that everyone is very painstaking and there is a big competition. To inculcate ourselves, you have to take part not only in lecture and educational activities,but also in other university activities.Although,many from our generation are going abroad and I hope this will not affect negatively and professional cadres will return back.

 I want to say to school-leaver to elucidate at which university are they choosing , in view of the fact it determines many things, future career and success.