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Students of IBSUwill join Application process for the 4th arrangement of Startup Marani


Nowadays, events supporting start-ups are highly popular in the world. Such events are held monthly in different countries. In addition global supporting events are held in the world’s leading countries. At this point, there isn’t such permanent environment in Georgia,

 where entrepreneurs will be given opportunity to share their business ideas and plans to investors and obtain financing in case of interest from investor’s side.  Zurab Pertaia  project maneger of  Start Up – Marani gave recommendations to students  how to starting  business and show them a successful examples.

In general, the project is designed to create a union between entrepreneurs and investors and connect them to each other. This will facilitate new, innovative business ideas to be implemented in the country. The project will give a chance to entrepreneurs to obtain financing and give opportunity to entrepreneurs to get familiarized with innovative business ideas and invest in interesting-for-them fields. If you have an innovative business an idea, or simply a desire to start a business, then the "Startup Marani" is a opportunity for you to make your idea a reality. The meeting takes place once every 3 months of start-up entrepreneurs and investors to meet behind closed doors. For submission the ideas to the investors it goes through 3-4-weeks preparation phase, while the mentors conduct consultations together with the project participants.