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The SSE Riga Finance Challenge



The SSE Riga Finance Challenge is a finance competition for high-school and university students from all over the world. The competition challenges contestants to complete tasks on Corporate Finance, Valuation, Stock and Fixed-Income Markets, Investment Banking, Financial Reporting and Analysis, Portfolio Management and Macroeconomics.

The SSE Riga Finance Challenge provides an opportunity to win valuable prizes amounting to EUR 1900 and adds a notable entry in CV for a fast-track career in finance.
Finance students of International Black Sea University are actively involved in the competition. Preliminary Round 1 lasted from March 28 to April 18. There were two teams taking part from our university.
10K – participants: Nano Purtskvanidze, Zura Darakhvelidze, Giorgi Slanishvili.
9GAD – participants: Sophiko Gochitashvili, Aleksandre Davlianidze, Mariam Aptsiauri.

We congratulate our students on successfully passing 1st Round and being in the top 10 best performing teams, on 2nd and 8th place correspondingly based on the results. The competition includes two Preliminary Rounds and the Grand Final in Riga, which will be held on May 20-21. Our university is supporting students and we wish them good luck in the Preliminary Round 2 and Final Round in Riga.