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The mission of International Black Sea University (IBSU) is based on globalization. Successful relations among nations can be reached by promoting intercultural communication, which exists even as a separate field that has been turned into a professional rank of scholarship and expertise. IBSU is an educational and research institution.

The mission of IBSU is threefold:

–       To provide high quality education, corresponding to international standards, on three levels: Bachelor, Master and Doctorate

–       To promote educational and research relationships, first of all, between Georgia and Turkey, as Black Sea region countries, as well as between various countries

–       To develop scientific research

To carry out this mission, the primary goals of the University are as follows:

(a)     To promote the development of Georgian and global cultural values, orientation towards the ideals of democracy and humanism essential for the existence and development of a civil society;

(b)    To satisfy the requirements of students’ personal interests and capabilities in obtaining proper higher education;

(c)     To realize personal potential, develop the creative skills, train the competent persons, provide for competitiveness of graduates on domestic and international labor markets, and offer to the interested ones high quality education that meets the requirements of the students` community and the public;

(d)    To train new research personnel in order to ensure the sustainability of Georgia’s development and higher education system itself; to create, maintain and develop favorable conditions for research.

 To realize the mission mentioned above and to achieve the goals set forth in the first section of this article University shall:

(a)    Prepare students for professional activities requiring application of both theoretical and practical knowledge as well as research skills;

(b)          Support the improvement of students’ social conditions;

(c)           Encourage development of sports within its authority;

(d)   Cooperate with other higher education and research institutions of Georgia;

(e)    Promote international cooperation and student/professor exchange with the relevant foreign educational institutions;

(f)    Encourage the development of cutting-edge research by teaching, learning and qualification upgrading in a free, democratic and socially fair environment;

(g)          Support the spread of modern knowledge and technologies;

(h)   Ensure accessibility and openness of higher education, academic freedom in teaching, learning and research, provision of higher education opportunities over the entire life span, involvement of academic personnel and the students in making decisions and monitoring their implementation, publicity and transparency of the University management and the competitions held there, prohibition of all forms of discrimination in the sphere of higher education, including academic, religious and ethnic grounds, and/or views, gender, social origin, or any other grounds;

(i)     Ensure the creation of other conditions that will assist in achieving the goals set forth in the first section of this article.

University mission and goals may be reviewed on the same basis as this regulation.


No structural units of political and religious organizations may be established in the University.