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Faculty of Law

About Program

The aim of the undergraduate program in law is to teach students modern law as an independent science, issues of theory and practice in constitutional, criminal, international, private and other important areas of law. The program aims to prepare a free-thinking, qualified, highly ethical lawyer who will be ready to enter the profession by studying theoretical and practical issues of law, making detailed analysis of current legislative, legal practice and socio-economic processes, historical, ethical and other aspects.

The main and elective components of the program are predominantly focused on case-based teaching methodology, which ensures the development of basic professional skills by the student during the learning process.

In addition, there is a law clinic at the faculty, where students have the opportunity to develop practical skills by participating in mock trials, working in a real or real like environment. In addition to the internal clinic, the faculty has signed memoranda of understanding with all types of professional organizations that provide students with internship opportunities beyond the university environment.

The teaching process is mainly in Georgian, although most of the elective courses are offered in English, led by foreign professors or practitioners.


Enrollment rules for the program

– Citizens of Georgia will be enrolled in the IBSU undergraduate program if they have successfully passed the Unified National Examinations (for detailed information see the following links: and

– Enrollment of international applicants is carried out in accordance with the rules established by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Georgia (for detailed information see the following link

– Enrollment is conducted twice a year. Internal mobility is carried out within the timeframe determined by the order of the University Rector (for detailed information see the following link: External mobility is provided by LEPL – National Center for Education Quality Development (for detailed information see the following link:

Career Opportunities

Professional activities of the graduate of the Bachelor of Law program are such professions as prosecutor, lawyer, notary, judge (on the basis of passing the relevant certification exams), relevant structural units of the civil service, legal services of private sector entities, legislative activities. Graduates can also continue their postgraduate studies in law.



According to the decision № 50846 of the Board for Accreditation of Educational Programs, the program is accredited until January 30, 2023.


Awarded Qualification : Bachelor of Law
Language of Instruction : Georgian (with English components)
Tuition fee: 3900 GEL
Information about scholarships and discounts are available at:


Phone: +995 32 2595006 (203)
Address: 2, David Agmashenebeli Alley,
13th km. Tbilisi, 0131, Georgia
Room: # A314